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LifesMiracle Limited Lifetime Warranties


LifesMiracle gives you the following limited warranty for the machine only if it was originally purchased for residential use, and not resale from anyone other than a LifesMiracle Authorized Dealer.

LifesMiracle gives you a lifetime warranty on all components, excluding the AHPCO cell which is a replaceable part not covered by this warranty.

This limited warranty does not apply to any part subjected to accident, abuse, commercial use, alteration, misuse, damage caused by acts of God, the use of voltages other than indicated on the label displayed on the machine, or service of this product by anyone other than LifesMiracle.

LifesMiracle does not authorize any person or representative to assume or grant any other warranty obligation with the sale of this product.

LifesMiracle’s limited warranty is valid only if you retain proof of purchase from LifesMiracle or a LifesMiracle Authorized Retail Dealer for the product. If you purchase the product from any other source, your purchase is “AS IS”, which means LifesMiracle grants you no warranty, and that you, not LifesMiracle, assume the entire risk of the quality and performance of this product, including the entire cost of any necessary servicing or repairs of any defects.

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